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Technical / Manufacturing Translations

Technical translations come in many shapes and forms and have special requirements that are not found in other types of translations. A linguist taking on a technical text needs to be familiar with the topic and the specific terminology that comes with it. More often than not, this requires training in that particular technical or scientific field in addition to translation skills and linguistic skills.

Mistakes in technical translations may create thorny liability issues and can actually cause dangerous situations. This is why accuracy and precision is particularly important during the translation process for such texts.

Turkish Document Translations.

As different types of technical translations require different kinds and levels of expertise, we start the process by evaluating your text to ensure that the best possible team is assigned to work on it. Different requirements of tone and style are also evaluated and standards are set accordingly for each text.

While handling your technical translation needs, from translation to editing, proofreading and desktop publishing for heavily formatted technical texts, we are with our partners every step of the way as needed and required. Throughout these processes, your standards become ours as we deliver the best possible content within the required deadlines following your specific instructions and the demands of the job at hand.

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