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Desktop Publishing

We know that some of our clients have documents with technical needs that go beyond simple translation and proofreading services. Therefore, we also know that it is part of our job to provide our partners with the latest and most effective Desktop Publishing Solutions.


Sometimes a text may be in a special file format or is physically formatted a particular way in its original language. Without appropriate DTP tools and services, the target text may be distorted or difficult to read and edit. Alternatively, sometimes a text can be in a format that would be very difficult for a linguist to work on. Therefore, it is our aim to provide DTP services every step of the way, from the moment the source text gets to us, aiming to provide comprehensive services that save you time and worry.

An incoming text is converted into editable and modifiable formats without data loss and complications that may arise from working on incompatible digital formats. The end result preserves the design and the layout of the original while accommodating changes in length and visual style of the target language.


We are able to work on editable and scanned PDF files with complex designs, as well as file types compatible with the following software:

  • Abby

  • Solid

  • Photoshop

  • Illustrator

  • Indesign

  • PDF Cracker

  • QuarkExpress

  • Freehand MX

  • Corel Draw

Additionally, we are able to work on the typesetting and DTP requirements of original texts (without any other linguistic services) as required in all major languages that use the Latin script. Contact us for more details.

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