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These two concepts are frequently and mistakenly used interchangeably – Nothing can be further from the truth! Editing is the first thing to be done after a translation is completed. It is used to ensure that the desired tone has been achieved, the idea flows and that the linguist managed to express all that they wanted to express in a fluent and understandable manner. A good editor is more concerned with how a message is conveyed than any typos in the text... which is where the proofreader comes in.

Proofreading, or “proofing” in industry parlance, involves finding and correcting all typos, grammar and syntax errors and general language problems. It is a more technical reading of the text that should generally be done “blind” and at the very end of the process. Turkish Document Translations.

So, which one of these services would your text require? Well, both of course! As a general rule, an edited text should still be proofed. We at Nova ensure that your texts go through all the necessary processes to become sufficiently polished for your specific needs and this is one of the factors that differentiate us from the rest.

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