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Legal Translations

When it comes to legal translations, there is not much room for interpretation; accuracy and terminology are important. Moreover, the finished text must reflect the legal usage and style of the target language. We are aware of these requirements that are quite characteristic of the legal field. Our use of terminology databases,  glossaries, and style sheets mean that we are able to respect the required consistency and accuracy in legal language services. Our strict policy of working only with the experts of the field ensures that the end document is accurate in terms of content and style.


Moreover, we are able to handle large volumes of texts in difficult uncopyable file formats, as this is highly requested in legal documents submitted for translation.

Our staff have extensive experience in working with many types of legal texts and documents including but not limited to:

  • Legal agreements,

  • Business contracts,

  • Notary certificates,

  • Apostilles,

  • Powers of attorney,

  • Legal transcription,

  • Software licences,

  • Patents,

  • Terms and conditions documents,

  • Employment contracts and employment related legislation,

  • Corporate governance material,

  • Court summons, decisions, memoranda and opinions. 

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