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Marketing Translations

Marketing translation involves, of course, accurate rendering of the message – but the key here is just that, the message. We are less concerned about specific words and terms and more about recreating the text in the target language in a way that accurately reflects the original message and does not leave any room for misunderstandings. This means that the text may need to be adapted, or that different words or even a different stylistic approach is chosen. Cultural codes and language cues need to be respected.

This means that the actual job is what we call transcreation in the industry. Thankfully, you have the skilled, expert native speakers at Nova who will think about all these details on your behalf to produce accurate, culturally sensitive, useable and publishable marketing material for you.

Turkish Document Translations.

Here at Nova we have experience dealing with the following types of marketing texts:

  • Press Releases

  • Web Sites

  • Internal Corporate Announcements

  • Letters

  • Catalogue and Brochures

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