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We bring with us many years of experience in many expertise areas across a wide range of services. We are prepared and ready to go, acting as your solution partner to provide you with bespoke solutions for your specific needs and requirements.

At Nova Translation Services you will always find a willing ear and a smiling face ready to listen to your desires and concerns.


Here at Nova we like to call ourselves our clients’ “solution partners”. We strive to provide high-quality language content for our clients with our expertise and specially honed skills in different industries and areas of specialization. Our use of terminology databases and glossaries designed for our clients’ needs mean that we are able to provide consistent translations that meet a client’s expectations and special requirements.


Moreover, they are constantly evaluated and expected to improve and grow as professionals throughout their employment.


We also take care to work with people who are specialized in their fields – a professional working with Nova is not a “jack of all trades”, but rather someone who is an expert in a particular field working exclusively in their areas of strength. We take this requirement seriously.


Moreover, in order to deliver consistent high-quality content, we make use of the latest technology available in our industry. Our linguists have advanced skills in various CAT tools such as Trados 2015, Wordfast, MemoQ, Transit and Across. We use Xbench, Verifica and the QA features of our CAT tools to complete quality checks. We can also adapt rapidly to any proprietary systems and file formats with a little help from our IT team.


At Nova, we care about the confidentiality of your documents. Our work is handled in-house by our team or by full-time home office employees working exclusively for us, who all strive to ensure strict confidentiality of your documents is respected. Your documents are safe with us!

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